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Just a loss of 2% of your body weight in fluid can hinder your performance by up to 25%! If…


Back to back meetings, sitting at your desk and looking at your computer all day can be mentally straining. The…


“Water is the essential ingredient for your food and your kitchen. It’s like using a good salt or olive oil…


What does it really cost to quench your thirst? Find out how to enjoy fresh water on the go, sustainably. We…

Fill&go Vital

fill&go Vital

Choosing the colour is the hardest part of making sure you have fresh tasting water wherever you go, whatever you’re doing.
Fill&go Active

fill&go Active

Designed to keep up with your sporty and active lifestyles, BRITA Active bottle is the smart, sustainable and economical solution to keep you hydrated with great tasting water.
Fill&Enjoy Jugs

fill&enjoy Fun

Fun is minimalism with a twist, combining practicality with a sense of play. It is the perfect household item to hydrate you and your guests with fresh great tasting water.
Fill&Serve Mind

fill&serve Mind

A stylish carafe and an innovative filter system make it easy to enjoy fresh BRITA water that looks as good as it tastes.
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